[PATCH] Zero packet length detection for RNDIS fix. Migrated from 2.6.24 series kernel

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Tue Mar 17 19:48:07 CET 2009

Brian Code wrote:
> This patch fixes the issues of RNDIS on the Openmoko Freerunner (and
> subsequently Windows networking with the Freerunner). It arises from the
> case where a stall is being issued by the upper level RNDIS driver to
> the s3c2410_udc.c in the 2.6.28 series driver and it not being handled
> correctly. This patch changes the RNDIS driver to send zero-length
> packets instead of a stall, a condition that allowed the udc driver to
> function correctly in 2.6.24 series kernels.
> Further investigation into the udc driver is recommended. I am currently
> looking into it to be able to use the Android ADB gadget driver, which
> currently has stability issues using the underlying udc on both Linux
> and Windows (although, it's possible that the Android ADB gadget has
> problems).
> Traces and logs of the USB traffic are available upon request. Thanks to
> Aric at SDG Systems for all of his work on this matter.
> Regards,
> Brian Code

Tested this and works! Thanks a lot!


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