what about support wifi in bootloader?

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Thu Mar 19 16:05:51 CET 2009

Mike (mwester) wrote:
> And home routers and access points are full of bugs.

Heh, can't really argue against that :-) My little foray into WLAN
land left me with much of the puzzlement that emergency room
physicians develop: they don't wonder why it fails, but why it
works most of the time.

> Do you _REALLY_ want to give such trust to all that code and all those
> authors and engineers?

The kernel is actually surprisingly good at not tripping over its
own feet. And if it does, it generally goes down in flames, not
just with an unnoticeable bit-flip.

> Sure, if someone wants to implement a utility that would check the
> downloaded kernel for consistency post-download and pre-kexec-boot, that
> would be a fine solution as well.

Oh, a kernel that fails CRC check doesn't boot. So you just retry.
Problem solved :)

I don't disagree with your observation that TCP and friends don't
guarantee integrity. I'm just saying that this is probably not
something you have to worry about when building your kexec-based
WLAN boot system.

- Werner

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