[RFC AR6000 hif patch] Clean up code and do_irq on a deferrable worker

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Mar 21 11:14:23 CET 2009

Michael Trimarchi wrote:
> I can do it, maybe I will try it next days. Do you have a test
> case that you use in your mesaure?


The script "measure" uses ttcp and ping to measure throughput and
latency and writes its results to a set of files with names
beginning with an underscore. Note the each run overwrites the
files of the previous one, so it's best to move each set to a
separate directory.

The script "report" extracts the relevant data and generates a
human-readable report. If invoked with a directory name as its
argument, "report" will chdir to this directory before looking
for the files. You can also run "report" before "measure" has
completed, to make the wait less boring :)

You need to have "ttcp" to the FreeRunner and on the PC. Build
instructions for ttcp are here (stderr.patch is optional):


You also need the program "neo" on the PC, which is just a simple
wrapper for SSH:


Last but not least, your FreeRunner must be set up such that it
allows password-less SSH entry.

- Werner

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