WSOD on device

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Mon Mar 23 20:11:19 CET 2009

All documents are under NDA, I'll ask Joerg in private mail to see if
theirs a way and can get something to complete my work. Meanwhile, I
managed to adapt the glamofb code a little bit to allow notifying
FB_BLANK_POWERDOWN before the pixel clock is stopped. It fixed the
problem on my side. I still need to figure out how long is two frames (I
thinks it's always 72Hz on this device, but I'm not sure). I need to
reread it a couple of time to make sure theirs no gap I've missed. At
the same time, I'm trying to integrated a better backlight managerment
so we don't rely on X to avoid visual glitches.


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How can we procede? Is there any documentation?
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