kernel patch/repository status

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Mar 26 09:21:20 CET 2009

Tonight, I started to put the patches that have accumulated over the
past two weeks into our repository. I think I should have processed
everything for the kernel but WLAN. If I've overlooked anything,
please holler.

I didn't touch u-boot and Qi yet. I'll pick up these patches over
the next days. For now, I'll just consider both permanent forks. Qi
should eventually merge back with Andy's master repository once he's
set it up, but that merge should be easy.

All the patches went into andy-tracking, which Jan then explained me
wasn't a great choice. But since we want to move to a more canonical
repository structure anyway, that won't hurt in the long run.

The road should now be clear for me to work on the remaining WLAN
items. I don't think I'll attempt to merge updates from upstream
this week. Some of upstream is also in a more hectical flux these
days that it usually is, so a bit of patience may help to avoid
doing the same thing multiple times :)

- Werner

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