kernel patch/repository status

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at
Thu Mar 26 17:33:26 CET 2009

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 11:23 AM, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
<mickey at> wrote:
> On Thursday 26 March 2009 15:50:01 Sven Rebhan wrote:
>> However, I would like to ask you to create a new stable branch,
>> tracking 2.6.29.y releases + openmoko patches until 2.6.30 is out. To
>> base the openmoko branch on linus (or rmk's ???) tree is also a good
>> idea to be able to push things upstream.
>> In the same direction, how are your plans for upstream submission? It
>> would be good to get some feedback on mach-gta02 (in the proposed
>> branch)...
> Good question. Let me extend this question from a slightly different --
> possibly heretic on this mailing list -- point of view... when can we stop
> tracking upstream? Will the kernel for a certain machine ever be uhm.... "good
> enough"? I know that may not sound sexy, but both from a userland and from a
> distribution integrator point of view, I'd very much welcome if there was
> anyone doing kernel development with that goal in mind.

Code gets old fast. The ideal case would be to have the code in
mainline kernel and chasing mainline is an intermediate step, not a
goal IMHO.

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