Accelerometer sysfs paths

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Fri Mar 27 17:09:05 CET 2009

I wonder why all of you guys insist on using the absolute devices path which 
can change with every kernel version. Did it ever occur to you that the 
devices are nicely lined up below /sys/bus/platform/devices?

root at om-gta02:/# ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/
alarm                gta02-hdq.0          neo1973-resume.0     pcf50633-
regltr.4    s3c2440-i2c
bq27000-battery.0    gta02-led.0          neo1973-version.0    pcf50633-
regltr.5    s3c2440-nand
generic-bl.1         gta02-pm-wlan.0      neo1973-vibrator.0   pcf50633-
regltr.6    s3c2440-sdi
glamo-2d.0           lis302dl.1           pcf50633-adc         pcf50633-
regltr.7    s3c2440-ts
glamo-3d.0           lis302dl.2           pcf50633-input       pcf50633-
regltr.8    s3c2440-uart.0
glamo-fb.0           neo1973-button.0     pcf50633-mbc         pcf50633-
regltr.9    s3c2440-uart.1
glamo-jpeg.0         neo1973-memconfig.0  pcf50633-regltr.0    pcf50633-rtc         
glamo-mci.0          neo1973-pm-bt.0      pcf50633-regltr.1    physmap-flash.0      
glamo-mpeg.0         neo1973-pm-gps.0     pcf50633-regltr.10   s3c2410-iis          
glamo-spi-gpio.0     neo1973-pm-gsm.0     pcf50633-regltr.2    s3c2410-ohci         
glamo3362.0          neo1973-pm-host.0    pcf50633-regltr.3    s3c2410-wdt          


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