AR6000 netif_queue_stop non stop, Bug?

Ivan Petrov ivan_p at
Mon Mar 30 15:08:35 CEST 2009

Dear Dongas,

> Do you mean those platform dependent code of gta02?
> I have removed them for running on my board followed the instructions
> provided by Werner.
Fully remove part of code not friendly, and not have back compatible.
If you are end user, it not bad solution, but in development stage it not 

> As others patches you sent to Moko's list , it seems good.
> I'll try to re-use part of them when current driver runs.
First I waiting feedback, posible I make one big bug :)

> In-housed used board based on ARM926 core.
> BTW, could you please help have a look at the issue i encounterred on
> ar6000 driver?
> It's here:
I try get similar log today from my board, posible it will help you.

Regards Ivan. 

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