Patch AR6000

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Mar 31 07:09:08 CEST 2009

Ivan Petrov wrote:
> 001.diff - Added means build on non GTA02 platform,

Those GPIOs were in fact only experimental and, as it turned out,
didn't do anything. So the correct way of handling them is to just
remove them. I'll do that now.

> 002.diff - Added SDIO onebit mode support.

Yuck. Why that ? If it's a limitation of the hardware, why not
make the host controller driver not set MMC_CAP_4_BIT_DATA ? You
could do this cleanly by adding some flag to the platform data.

> 003.diff - Changed method of data transfer, now it based on low-level function.

Hmm, duplicating code from one subsystem in another one is pretty
evil. How about adding a function that does what you want to the
mmc subsystem and calling that function ? You can then probably
also share the body of the function with mmc_io_rw_extended.

Also, how much do you actually gain by doing all this ?

> comment: with out patch 001 - 002 inconveniently work on my platform,
> therefore patches not fully separate, it is in series.

That's okay. Interdependencies are only a problem if an early
patch depends on a later patch, because that means that you can
no longer bisect.

- Werner

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