[PATCH 0/9][RFC] GTA02/FreeRunner machine definition for linux-arm-kernel

Nelson Castillo arhuaco at freaks-unidos.net
Tue Mar 31 20:06:23 CEST 2009

The following series were applied by Andy to the temporal "proposed"
branch, which includes basic GTA02 support plus a few fixes.
This is the same set of patches with small changes.

We decided to send the patch-set to the OM kernel first in case someone
can spot something wrong. If we are failing to credit someone please
let us know. Most Signed-off-by entries were not touched. We should be sending
this upstream ASAP (in 2 days or so).


* gta02_defconfig started as a copy of gta02_moredrivers_defconfig,
  but we send what we get after a successful build
  (CONFIG_FIQ=y is removed for instance).

* Original patch names were changed.

* Small cleanups when checkpatch.pl complains.

* "make uImage" works.

* This warning is a false positive. Please say something if it is not.
  WARNING: use of in_atomic() is incorrect outside core kernel code
  #2802: FILE: arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/mach-gta02.c:495:

* Small cleanup changes to mach-gta02.c,
  we use <plat/usb-control.h> instead of <mach/usb-control.h> now.

* In the submission to linux-arm-kernel we have to CC Ben.


Nelson Castillo (9):
      s3c2410: improve NAND partial reads avoiding false ECC errors/corrections
      s3c2410: NAND ECC by chip rather than global
      s3c2410: Fix NAND CFG debug order
      s3c2410: Add NAND force software ECC
      s3c2410: Allow NAND commandline partition processing
      s3c2410: Fix NAND BBT usage
      s3c2442b: Introduce CPU.
      s3c2442: Provide uImage build target
      GTA02/FreeRunner: Add machine definition

 arch/arm/configs/gta02_defconfig           | 2124 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/Kconfig              |   13 
 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/Makefile             |    2 
 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/Makefile.boot        |    3 
 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/include/mach/gta02.h |   87 +
 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/mach-gta02.c         |  648 +++++++++
 arch/arm/plat-s3c/include/plat/nand.h      |    6 
 arch/arm/plat-s3c24xx/cpu.c                |   10 
 drivers/mtd/nand/s3c2410.c                 |   68 +
 9 files changed, 2945 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/configs/gta02_defconfig
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/Makefile.boot
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/include/mach/gta02.h
 create mode 100644 arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/mach-gta02.c

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