System developer new to freerunner (was: Re: Any progress on merging upstreams?)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sun May 3 22:07:48 CEST 2009


Augusto Pedroza <augusto.pedroza at> writes:
> Hi everybody, I am a system developer new to freerunner and I'd
> like to help investigating, fixing and testing kernel related
> bugs.

Welcome onboard. :)

First of all, please don't hijack the thread (don't use Reply function
as a shortcut to creating new thread) and watch your Cc's. As a
general ML faq you can read LKML faq or LAKML faq or other common
sources. Please try to use some sane MUA btw.

OM kernel bugs are reported at [1] in category "System software", the
bugs related to the milestone currently worked on can be viewed by
using a custom query [1].

Some devs are hanging around at #openmoko-cdevel irc channel at

Happy hacking! :)

Be free, use free ( software!
mailto:fercerpav at

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