Openmoko's S3C touchscreen driver porting question

Maurus Cuelenaere mcuelenaere at
Thu Oct 1 19:57:22 CEST 2009

Hi Nelson,

this is an update on your touchscreen driver on the S3C6410:

after some debugging I found out that the S3C6410's touchscreen differs 
with the S3C24XX in that it has:

a) 12-bit ADC support (haven't looked at that atm)
b) additional registers used for clearing ADC and TS interrupts

Due to b), the FIFO constantly got filled with up/down messages as the 
interrupt was never cleared.

I've added/hacked support for this in my tree currently, but am waiting 
till your driver get in upstream
to rebase my tree and try merging my changes.


Maurus Cuelenaere

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