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Mon Apr 12 14:15:11 CEST 2010


I tried to understand this WE the power management, precisely the
event handling flow for different power events.
But... the deeper I was going the more I was having the impression
that there is a bit of chaos.

Could somebody help to enlighten?

I know that there is info on , but
those are 2 extremes of the information: complex circuit drawing, and
an oversimplified diagram.

I would be happy to understand how the following devices are
interconnected, and how the power event should be handled, and how are
they handled:

1. glamo 3362
2. TD028TTEC1 lcd
3. JBT6K74 lcd driver
4. PCF50633 power managment chip

more concrete questions:

1. dos the PCF50633 control directly all the devices listed above? If
yes, why parts of drivers of jbtk, glamo etc involved in switching off
the lcd backlight or the lcd itself etc. etc.
2. the data between jbt controller and glamo is on spi bus?
3. the
3. who are at the end on the spi bus?

well.. there are lot of things unclear for me... therefore my
questions cannot be very clear...

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology

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