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On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 11:40:50PM +0200, mobi phil wrote:

>    I proposed earlier something I would call "sysint", and I am more and more
>    etc. If the gsm driver would detect a gsm event (do not know how it is
>    handled inside the kernel exactly) it would  "freeze" anything else, and
>    would call our sysint application to handle the incoming call. Such an
>    Such an application could be used with any distro, as it would use the
>    framebuffer. In all distros would move to kms/dri, it could be implemented
>    on top of kms/dri etc.
>    what is your opinion?

You are talking about a hard realtime extension. There is already
something for that, a quick googling will turn up some links:

You don't need hard real time for mobile phone tasks, thouth: soft real
time is enough for the most critical things.

See also here:



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