Collection of patches for om-gta02-2.6.34

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at
Thu Aug 26 07:47:40 CEST 2010

В сообщении от 26 августа 2010 02:12:23 автор Riccardo Magliocchetti написал:
> Hello,
> i'd like to move from 2.6.29 debian kernel to something more recent so
> this night i've started collecting patches found both in debian kernel
> and in the last two months in this list. Haven't looked at shr repository.
> Please be aware that still i haven't booted my fr with this kernel and i
> think i'll try to add some debian packaging to it before doing so.
> I've a couple of things to note:
> - Very few people use git in the (proper?) kernel way: this mean adding
> a signed off by line, a proper title and a proper description. Probably
> because people who do the patches does not have a public git tree so
> they don't care about that. That's bad imho.
> - There's a lot of random patches available in trac and ml that have not
> been applied. That's bad too. The cause for this _may_ be that only
> larsc has write access. If is not possible to extend write access, what
> if the other developers open a tree somewhere else so at least the
> patches are stored in the proper way and the chances of having them lost
> is reduced?
> Anyway you can find the patches here:
> Btw, if you see patches you have done with my name and signoff this is
> not because i want to steal your work, i've cut & pasted stuff from
> mailing list archives so haven't used proper tools like git am and my
> git is configured to automatically add my signoff. Please understand that.
> If something is wrong / missing, please shout :)
> thanks,
> riccardo

It's pretty possible that patch 0004-Add-patch-from-debian-kernel-that-should-
help-with-W.patch is not neccessary when 0009 and 0010 patches are applied 
(and DMA transfers option for s3cmci is enabled), however it needs testing.
Btw, update 0011 patch to enable CONFIG_MMC_S3C_DMA in kernel 
(CONFIG_MMC_S3C_PIO should be disabled) if you want to get benefit from 
0009-0010 patches.

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