Serial Driver of openmoko

r3wDy phunbringer at
Sun Feb 7 19:17:24 CET 2010

Hi Folkz!
Im Rudi i am a 28 yrs old software engineer from germany :)
Im writing to this list because i need some information on the openmoko 
kernel. Its not that im involved in this project, but a similar one. Im 
porting andoird to the Meizu m8 (
This phone has a samsung 6410 cpu which is very similar to the 2410/2440 
samsung cpus u use..
The problem i have is that meizu isnt really interesting in helping out 
in any way.
We have a running linux kernel (2.6.27) and we had android running on 
that device. Now we come to the part where the hardware components must 
be enabled. Im right now fighting with the base-band chipset (an 
infineon SGold2).
I think its connected to the UARt1 of the main cpu.
But i cant get any answer from that port. if i send AT using minicom to 
uart1 nothing happens. So i hope to find some advice herer, where people 
(hopefully) have done something similar before.
What i thougt:
The baseband must be enabled before i can use it. So i  reversed the 
wince kernel (its a wince phone) to get all of the gpio inits out, 
converted them to c code and executed this at the end of machine init. 
First, would this be the right place to init gpios?
But still... no answer from the uart1. Then i managed to get the 
datasheet of the cpu and read my way through the uart chapter. There is 
a feature called afc (auto flow control) in the cpu.its stated there 
that i should disable this when using a modem, and control the rts line 
by software. This must be made from the serial driver, and so i looked 
into the serial driver. The driver used is the one from 2410, and this 
is based on common samsung code.
As far as i know, your baseband is also connected to the uart. The thing 
i want to know: should i modify the serial driver in any way? Disable 
the afc feature? do you use the std. samsung driver from Ben Dooks? Did 
you changed something? Can you provide infos/patches on 
changes/base-band initializations?
Can you prove any information on enabling / using the baseband chipset 
from the openmoko project which can help us out?
Any hep would be appreciated
greets from the meizu forums

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