Boot Time Optimization

Petr Vanek vanous at
Wed Jan 6 19:28:52 CET 2010

>> I would 
>> like to try to statically link the qi-bootmenu app to see if that
>> makes a difference size/performance wise.
>In the meantime I patched tslib so that it's filter plugins are
>embedded into it's main library.
>Configured eina and evas to do the same and statically linked
>qi-bootmenu. The resulting binary is about ~1.1M I should try to link
>it against because that's the only library that is used by
>multiple apps (busybox / kexec / dropbear).
>It now takes about 7.3 seconds from power on to the menu. This is with
>kernel boot messages enabled (disabling them should give some speed

wow, this sounds very good!!


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