kernel defconfig, debugging, preemption, and very noticeable speedups/ debugging

Gennady Kupava gb at
Mon Jan 11 09:19:54 CET 2010

hi all,

yesterday i had a talk about disabling debugging information on irc
with paul fertser and some shr developers. my idea were to understand
what really stands behind idea not to remove some of that options,
i went out of that discussions absolutely frustrated.

it turned out that:

1. i am wrong by definition (exactly), my opinion was completely ignored, and the whole
discussion was desclared as waste of time (exactly in this words).
2. current kernel dev (paul) is not willing to support kernel with optimizations.
3. paul also publically told that it was 'dirty trick' to publish my mail
about optimization to the 'end users', also he was very irritated by me because 
i am reason for the fact that 'end users' want something from him.

my plan was to continue investigation of other options and eventually
try to fix NAND ECC handling in hardware.

now i understood that if even elementary things can't be pushed and devs
are willing to 'keep as much debugging as possible', seems that
performance is not serous issue to paul and some other devs, and i will
have no way to discuss other optimizations, i'll be just ignored or
insulted. the only constructive solution for this situation except complete give up
is to ignore this people and continue with my inverstigation.

so my current plan is:

1. don't care about andy-tracking and just post anything i've found to
this mailing list.
2. don't do anything on debug/preepmtion/optimization for size issue, 
as it's definetly waste of my time.
3. i'll publish incrementally build kernel with proposed optimizations.


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