Upstreaming glamo and jbt drivers

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik sveinung84 at
Wed Jun 23 19:04:51 CEST 2010

> That's why I'm planning to submit them before the end of the week.
Great news! Anything I can do to help?

> That said, if anybody sees a reason why I shouldn't do so, has any
> remark or advice, please speak up!
It's more of a question and not relevant if the target will be
staging. If it isn't targeted at staging I'm wondering if the KMS
stuff is included. If KMS isn't included: Will the KMS stuff make
unneeded or change current user space interfaces? (See the Linux
kernel policy of keeping user space interfaces supported "forever"
unless the code is in staging)

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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