Upstreaming glamo and jbt drivers

Thibaut Girka thib at
Thu Jun 24 00:27:18 CEST 2010

Le mercredi 23 juin 2010 à 19:04 +0200, Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik a écrit :
> > That's why I'm planning to submit them before the end of the week.
> >
> Great news! Anything I can do to help?

Hm, dunno, read the code and spot/correct anything ugly?

> It's more of a question and not relevant if the target will be
> staging. If it isn't targeted at staging I'm wondering if the KMS
> stuff is included. If KMS isn't included: Will the KMS stuff make
> unneeded or change current user space interfaces? (See the Linux
> kernel policy of keeping user space interfaces supported "forever"
> unless the code is in staging)

The target isn't staging (well, if reviewers think that it should go to
staging, it'll, but I don't think so).
KMS stuff isn't included, at least for now, but AFAIK, it doesn't modify
user-space interface (well, it adds things, but doesn't change the few
things that are in place) which are mainly sysfs node (does that count
like the rest?) and standard things like framebuffer interface.

> Sincerely
> Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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