New 2.6.32 kernel and /dev/input/mice

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Sun Mar 7 22:33:47 CET 2010

i already wrote to comunity ML, but i think i will resend it here too, because 
i wasnt able to create bug report [1].

Here is my problem: I started using 2.6.32 for QtMoko distribution. Problem is 
when i launch X server i am getting stray clicks away from the point that i 

I have found the cause of the problem. It seems that /dev/input/mice generates 
touchscreen events with 2.6.32. X server opens both /dev/input/event1 and 
/dev/input/mice and gets all event twice. If i delete /dev/input/mice the 
stray clicks are gone.

You can test it by doing:

cat /dev/input/mice

2.6.29 will not produce any output, while 2.6.32 reacts to touching the 

Any idea why /dev/input/mice produces events when touchscreen is touched? Is 
it correct?



[1] with error message (TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this 

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