ARM FCSE - random programs segfaults

Martix at
Fri Mar 26 19:38:09 CET 2010

> What processor is your target running (namely, what core)?
The processor is Samsung S3C2442B [1] with ARM920T (ARMv4t) core.

> The way I test the FCSE patch is by running LTP with and without FCSE.
> And on the boards I tested it, there was no problem (LTP returned the
> same results with and without FCSE best effort mode).
> However, some processors may not be suitable for the FCSE patch.
> Have you a
> simple program which, when run, allow to reproduce these segmentation
> faults on a vanilla kernel?
Unfortunately, I don't have any simpler program than SHR-settings [2]
and it's not always reproducible, but perhaps in 7 from 10 cases. I
could provide more debug info, if you have any suggestions.


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