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Tue Mar 23 23:22:36 CET 2010

chip to the debugport and write a driver for it. As I just finished a job for
the DLR doing exactly this I thought it might be nice to share some resulting

The DLR designed an extension board connected to the debug connectore to drive a
pressure sensor and two gyroscopes. The first one is connected to I2C the other
two to the SPI bus.

The BMP085 driver was already written by Christoph Mair and we only used that
one. The MLX90609 and the SAR100 driver have been written by me.

There are only two boards of this and both are actual in the hands of the mobile
rocket base team of the DLR. After the launch (Mai/June) I should be able to get
one board back and will take care about merging the drivers mainline.

For the board setup code I'm undecided. As there are only two boards I feel that
it does not make much sense to add it to the gta02 board file. How do you feel
about this?

Stefan Schmidt

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