Openmoko Bug #2339: resume issues with Linux 2.6.34

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Sun May 30 12:33:53 CEST 2010

#2339: resume issues with Linux 2.6.34
 Reporter:  RuiSeabra  |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new            
 Priority:  highest    |      Milestone:                 
Component:  kernel     |        Version:  GTA02v5        
 Severity:  major      |       Keywords:                 
 Haspatch:  0          |      Blockedby:                 
Estimated:             |    Patchreview:                 
 Blocking:             |   Reproducible:                 
 With Linux 2.6.34-oe2+gitr1+dd1225cc08c3375bf80289ac1965c724881b149a-r0
 -om-gta02 from and my Freerunner
 A5+buzzfix I noticed additional problems besides #2337:
  * when I pressed suspend in quick settings, it would automatically resume
 after a couple of seconds
  * when I let it suspend from the automatic idle cycle, half an hour later
 I tried to resume it, but it wouldn't wake up.

 I ended up having to remove battery and then, probably as the filesystem
 needed fscking, it wouldn't boot.

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