[PATCH] fixes for u-boot and kernel to handle GPS properly. Was: [Qtmoko] qtmoko v28, GPS issue, Qi & uboot

David Garabana Barro david at garabana.com
Mon Nov 8 21:37:30 CET 2010

O Venres, 5 de Novembro de 2010, Gennady Kupava escribiu:
> Hi, all.
> Seem i fixed this one. Need fix for both kernel and u-boot. Kernel fix
> is complete harmless, it will work under any conditions.
> U-boot patch:
> http://www.bsdmn.com/openmoko/gpsfix/uboot_do_not_touch_serials.patch
> Idea of this patch is to keep u-boot from controlling serial's GPIO
> configuration. It turned out that u-boot also touch GSM port
> configuration on resume. This turns this off.
> Kernel patch:
> http://www.bsdmn.com/openmoko/gpsfix/kernel_Force-GPS-power-up-on-resume-if
> -it-were-powered-up-on-suspend.patch
> I also did precompiled versions for whoose who using u-boot and qtmoko:
> Compiled u-boot (242 + this fix):
> http://www.bsdmn.com/openmoko/gpsfix/u-boot_242_gps.udfu
> Compiled kernel (qtmoko29 + latest ts jitter + this fix):
> http://www.bsdmn.com/openmoko/gpsfix/uImage-b6.bin
> Kernel modules: http://www.bsdmn.com/openmoko/gpsfix/modules-b6.tar.gz
> Extract kernel to /, do depmod -a 2.6.34b6-v28, flash kernel, u-boot and
> it should work.


I've just tried patched u-boot with stock shr kernel (uImage-
oe9+gitr9+e4182f3551f1b8e8f8bd07a2d68e49a0ec4cd04a-r0-om-gta02.bin) and it 
works for me.

Now I get a fix after suspending shr.

Don't know why it works without kernel patch, but it works.

Thanks a lot for fixing this!

David Garabana Barro
jabber & google talk ID:	david at garabana.com
Clave pública PGP/GPG:		http://davide.garabana.com/pgp.html
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