[Qtmoko] qtmoko v28, GPS issue, Qi & uboot

Gennady Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Wed Oct 27 16:33:56 CEST 2010

Hi, Radek, David.

> > 5. really unsure: may be also something wrong with GPS. Seem it works
> > well after boot, but after resume it had problems to get fix. But same
> > were in .29.
> It would be nice to have application which shows GPS sattelites for debugging 
> this. In fact such app is already there [1] but works only with GPSD. I wanted 
> to modify qtopia gps api so that it provides GPSD compatible socket so that 
> gpsd apps like this one and e.g. tangogps can work out of the box.

Yes! Such application is really really missing. Something with just
displaying some kind debugging info and satellites signal levels, like
in my Garmin would be very useful, as it will help greatly. Is it
getting fix or not? how long it will take? how much satellites visible?
Current situation in nerongps (fix/not fix) is not really informative.
Also it is great idea to support most common universal unix GPS

> Could you try with Qi? I've not tried with qtmoko, but I have the same
sympthoms with u-boot + shr.

Nice hint, thanks! If so fix for u-boot should be relatively simple.
Something related to serials setup :) I'll try to fix this... later.

btw, from thread:

> "One difference between uboot and qi is that qi doesn't initialize the

NO! I am sure where is much more difference. I am sure main problem of u-boot were 
'too complicated to make changes, let's rewrite'. I am sure where is MORE difference, as 
bootloader seem responsible to initial init of many openmoko's hardware.
For example, with NOR u-boot, current in suspend in 10 times more than with NAND one with same
kernel. Most voltages, memory timings, cpu frequency are set in bootloader and not touched by kernel 
(it's just what i know). Serial ports seem setup also somehow related to bootloader.

Btw, as we have absolutely no WSODs no with u-boot (which inits display), and WSOD issue
can be attributed to particular patches, where is no reason not to init display.


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