Openmoko Bug #2349: Too high power consumption in 2.6.32

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Fri Sep 10 17:17:10 CEST 2010

#2349: Too high power consumption in 2.6.32
 Reporter:  Q-Master  |          Owner:  openmoko-kernel
     Type:  defect    |         Status:  new            
 Priority:  highest   |      Milestone:                 
Component:  kernel    |        Version:                 
 Severity:  blocker   |       Keywords:                 
 Haspatch:  0         |      Blockedby:                 
Estimated:            |    Patchreview:                 
 Blocking:            |   Reproducible:                 
Changes (by lindi):

  * priority:  normal => highest
  * reproducible:  always =>
  * severity:  major => blocker


 I powered my gta02V5 with only usb and added a 0.5 ohm resistor to the usb
 Vcc. I then got a friend measure the voltage over that resistor with
 picoscope. The following screenshot shows how the phone goes to suspend
 and wakes from it (everything is off except the backlight which is at

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