State of upstreaming?

Lars-Peter Clausen lars at
Wed Sep 22 18:29:51 CEST 2010

Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi,
> i would like to aks what is current state of upstreaming openmoko kernel 
> support?

I'm afraid it has not gotten much further during the past few months.

> I have been using 2.6.34 kernel for a few days in qtmoko distribution and i 
> like how it works. If no serious regressions are found i would like to abandon 
> 2.6.29 for qtmoko.
> But it would be nice to have more drivers upstream. It would be easier to 
> track reggressions and i think open hardware phone deserves to be in upstream.
> Is anybody working on upstreaming now? Can i help somehow?

I've rebased the openmoko patches onto 2.6.36 last week. Found some regressions in
upstream s3c2442 support, which should be fixed now and the patches have been send
There is still a issue with the wlan driver preventing the system to suspend somehow
and WSOD seems to be back again.

I've also merged our bq27000 with the upstream bq27x00 and will send the patches
upstream once they have been tested properly. So then we have one less driver to care

Since there is now a AR600X driver in the staging area of upstream we should look
into replacing our own version of that driver.
There is also a driver upstream for the accelerometer which is different from the one
found in the .29 tree. But it needs to be integrated in the GTA02 machine code.

So that mostly leaves us mostly with the glamo and the jbt6k74 drivers which still
need to be upstreamed.

> Regards
> Radek

- Lars

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