[PATCH 2/3 Try#2] NOR Flash Support (U-Boot env)

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Dec 24 15:15:39 CET 2007

Andy Green wrote:
> They can DFU-update to a contemporary GTA-01 U-Boot and they're away
> again, if I understood you.

Not quite. They mainly have to edit and update their environment.
If Linux user space references any partitions, that would have to
be edited as well.

So this would be the type of change that causes all sorts of upset.

> My point is that the even more ultimate goal is to get a production
> version out.

Sure, but if you create weeks of extra work to save a couple of
hours, that's not good either.

> For example I don't have a GTA-01 and I can't test what I
> am putting out for GTA-01...

Well, just don't actively break anything. It's easy to fix things
that might slip through. It's hard to fix things if the breakage
has become a design goal.

> If the future is kind that can work fine.  Or it can turn into an
> impenetrable #ifdef forest :-)

I'm looking forward to the day when the devirginator has to support
a dozen different product lines ;-))

The enhanced envedit.pl is in SVN revision 3729. I've also added
macro expansion, just in case.

- Werner

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