My first post!

Gianluca gianlucarenzi at
Tue May 8 16:26:22 CEST 2007

Hello list!
Sorry for bad subject, but at this time it seems to be the unluckiest I have ever had
in computing... :(

The fact is: I am developing out a SDK from Meritech with a S3C2442 SoC (64MBSDRAM + 128MB NANDFLASH)
I wrote a little nand loader just to fit the SteppingStone size area (4K) just to load
linux kernel from NAND flash to SDRAM and jump into it.
Obviously it is a wrapped linux kernel image prepared just to be ran from sdram (i.e.: ben dooks' samsung smdk-tools)
and it seems to work. But we need a better/more advanced bootloader
just to let in-house programming easier and quicker.

- We would like to have MMC access just to read data to be written in internal NAND,
some of SDRAM test and LCD test. And uboot does have all but _NOT_ for s3c2440/42!!
Until now.

I found a lot of patches from svn openmoko website, but _ARE THOSE REALLY NEEDED_ ?
And which version of uboot they are patched against?

Does somebody has a MONOLITIC patch to be applied to a specific version of uboot?

Awaiting your suggestions, replies, files,
Gianluca Renzi

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