Bug fix for Packages file with a Filename: tag with prepended path

Alexandros Kostopoulos akostop at inaccessnetworks.com
Fri Apr 4 17:47:53 CEST 2008

For debian-like repositories with a /pool/... hierarchy, the Filename: tag  
in Packages file contains the entire path to the package (relative to the  
source url). I think that opkg is supposed to handle this, since it  
supports a debian-like src field in opkg.conf (in the form: src <arch>  
<base_url> <path_to_Packages_file>.

But I see that in opkg_download.c, this is not fully implemented (in that  
it attempts to download packages to /tmp/<path_in_Filename_tag>/pkgname  
instead of /tmp/pkgname, and of course, /tmp/<path_in_filename_tag>  
doesn't exist. In fact, it is declared there as a bug with a comment (but  
for some reason it is not fixed yet). I have prepared a simple patch that  
tries to address this issue (it is tested to work fine).


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