Making opkg non-interactive (removing config file conflict resolution question)

Thomas Wood thomas at
Mon Apr 14 16:04:02 CEST 2008

Currently, the only place where opkg asks for user interaction during a
transaction is when a package is upgraded and the existing configuration
file has been modified.

PackageKit requires that the package system is as non-interactive as
possible and cannot handle questions during transactions.

Therefore, I would like to propose removing the configuration file
upgrade question and instead simply backing up the existing file and
installing the new one, or installing the new one straight into an
alternative location. The user can then be notified of the change and
can take action appropriately.

As I see it, it makes much more sense for an embedded package manager to
be completely non-interactive. The question is, which of the two
possible conflict resolution options is most ideal.

Does anyone have any particular views on this?



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