I will move Opkg development from OM svn to Google code

I-Fan, Chen ticktock35 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 15:06:49 CET 2008

Hi lists,
   After a long thinking and taking advice from some OE people.
In order to keep improving opkg,
I decided to move opkg upstream from OM svn to Google code,
and keep developing opkg on the new site.


mailto: opkg-devel at googlegroups.com <opkg-devel at googlegroups.com>

Checkout Code:

Because of I am still working on the code of upgrade and install, and trying
to provide better data structure and algorithm.
I recommend a older version r172 for people want a proven stable opkg now.

It's a pity that the committer  and commit timestamps were missed when
moving from OM svn to Google code.
Most of the great job are made by Thomas Wood, thank you.

Any help are welcomed.
P.S. I cannot get e-mail from my openmoko.org account for now; therefore, if
anyone had mailed me,
I am sorry, I cannot get those mails now.

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