Upgrading u-boot needed ? - Was: Re: "opkg upgrade" breaks USB networking: g_ether module missing

Olivier Berger oberger at ouvaton.org
Mon Aug 4 12:34:08 CEST 2008

Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> writes:

> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Could someone point to these valid u-boot*.bin files please ?
> |
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily/freerunner/200808/20080804/uboot-gta02v5-latest.bin

Alright, it's the one I had picked.

> | and got a message displayed advertising some april version (which I
> | unfortunately didn't write down)... so I'm puzzled :(
> Are you sure that it is not 4th Aug --> looks like 8th April in some
> countries?  I doubt the latest symlink is broken for so many months.

Might be that... No way to start over :(

> | How could I check which version I'm using on my FR and if it's
> | up-to-date or not ?
> At the moment we don't stamp the image with the git head of the sources
> it came from, we should move to that. 

I guess so.

> There's a build date on the menu

Well... should it read "U-Boot 1.3.2-moko12 (May 9 2008 - 10:28:48)"
on first line, then ? ... I'd expect something closer from now :-/

> and coming out of the serial console as you saw.

Same hopefully ;) :

GTA02v5 # version

U-Boot 1.3.2-moko12 (May  9 2008 - 10:28:48)

> At the moment this one is up to date for today and has the "USB Insane
> Spam Mode" fixes.
> http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily/freerunner/200808/20080804/u-boot-gta02v5-1.3.1+gitr18+64eb10cab8055084ae25ea4e73b66dd03cc1a0cb-r0.bin

Tried it and get the same versions (means the link are OK on the
download site).

I thought about trying something : 

# ./dfu-util -a u-boot -R -U current-uboot.bin

# strings current-uboot.bin  | grep git
U-Boot 1.3.2+gitr18+64eb10cab8055084ae25ea4e73b66dd03cc1a0cb (Aug  4 2008 - 02:33:52)
Neo1973 Bootloader U-Boot 1.3.2+gitr18+64eb10cab8055084ae25ea4e73b66dd03cc1a0cb

So obviously, the version on u-boot's prompt is not meanlingful,
then... :(

Should I file a bug report ?

Best regards,
Olivier BERGER 
(OpenPGP: 1024D/B4C5F37F)

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