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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I tried copying the existing "OM2008.8" kernel from /boot to
> | /media/card/boot . This allowed the Freerunner to 'boot from MicroSD'
> | into the Debian shell. However, USB networking is not working. I recall
> | it being a module now, instead of being built into the kernel. So, how
> | do I get a good kernel for (Freerunner) Debian?
> Here's a kernel that has the modules you need built into it already.
> For GPL compliance purposes: the sources for these are coming out of
> stable (in this case) branch of our kernel git with the head at the
> truncated hash shown.
> DFU this into the kernel partition and you should be good for Debian, I
> use these kernels with it myself all day.

How do I DFU this into the microSD's kernel paritition?
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