2008.8 - issue

Dale Maggee antisol at internode.on.net
Fri Aug 8 21:11:31 CEST 2008

William Kenworthy wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-08-08 at 21:21 +0800, William Kenworthy wrote:
>> How do you type something like "apm" into the terminal application? - oh
>> how I *HATE* predictive text :(
>> Is there a way to kill it?
>> BillK
> Still want to kill it - preferably permanently.  I cant believe anyone
> thought this was a good idea :(
> Also looks like there is no backspace key to even try to fix the mess it
> makes of text.
> I'll have to ignore the terminal until someone fixes it up .
> BillK

I'm right there with ya, bill - it's very pretty, but the predictive 
text is *so* annoying! seems pretty unneccessary for a qwerty keyboard 
to me - I thought it was interesting to learn that when i typed in 
'internode', I actually meant 'interview'?!? :O

Also I find the way it automatically adds spaces to be annoying, not 
very good in a terminal.

It's a *big* improvement in terms of finger-pressability over the 
matchbox keyboard on 2007.2, and it's *much* prettier, but the 
predictive text makes it more difficult to use, especially in a terminal.

I'd also really like to see an enter key on the qwerty page, and maybe 
(I know I'm pushing it here) a couple of the most commonly used symbols 
such as hyphen and period on the qwerty page.


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