FreeRunner is completely dead

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sun Aug 10 15:17:27 CEST 2008

> You can work around it with another battery that has charge;  
> externally
> charging you battery with external charger; or the not recommended but
> "I did it and there was no smoke in my case" provide external 5V  
> briefly
> to battery + terminal (making sure they share 0V too) briefly until it
> starts.  After that, if it stays awake it should charge OK.

Is it possible that this issue happened with the neo1973 as well, by  
any chance?  I have a neo1973 that also refuses to power on no matter  
what I do with it .. maybe I should use the charged batter of my  
freerunner to see if it can be brought to life?

Jay Vaughan

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