Pulling flash image off device

Olivier Berger oberger at ouvaton.org
Mon Aug 11 23:05:34 CEST 2008

Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com> writes:

> This may seem trivial, but I can't seem to find anything on how to
> do this directly.
> Is there an easy way to pull my existing fs flash image OFF my phone
> so I can save the current config?  I want to have a backup so if I
> add a package or do an upgrade later that toasts my phone I don't
> have to start from square one again. ;) I could probably remount the
> root as ro, and DD it out via ssh or to the mmc.  But is there
> anything I have to do otherwise to make it valid in dft-uilts eyes?

You may have a look at
which explains a way to backup from which you could, in principle,
dual boot in any case.

Hope this helps.

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