New battery semi-charged but not charging, is protection-circuit broken?

ankostis ankostis at
Sun Aug 31 11:13:31 CEST 2008


 I've just got a new Neo FreeRunner and the battery contained within
the package was already charged (~3.6 V), but it didn't charge any
At first, the out-of-the-box 2007.2 marked it as 'discharging' and
when i re-pluged the charger,
it said status='Charging' but current-now=0!.
The same happened after update, and with 2008.8 updated or not.

The battery has fallen since to ~3.4V and yet no charge-current.
Confirmed also with amp-meter and 4.5V charging voltage, the
charge-current is ~5uA or 0.

I 've read some mails but didn't manage to find a similar problem,
all others had non-working batteries (output-voltage=0).

Please, does anybody have a clue of what should i do next?
a) Should i try to identify what is broken? (the battery's protection circuit?)
b) Contact the reseller for a new battery?
c) Try to fix it?

Also, has anybody else purchased a Neo with a battery fully charged?

I can provide more device details if necessary.

Thank you in advance,

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