what software can be used to send AGPS data to /dev/ttySAC1?

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at openmoko.com
Tue Dec 2 15:06:35 CET 2008

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Hi Timo-

> I would like to get GPS fix faster with debian on freerunner. From
> files fetched by mokomakefile I found two things that mention agps:
> 1) ./openembedded/packages/openmoko-projects/openmoko-agpsui_svn.bb
>  which seems to be just GUI
> 2) openmoko/developers/matt_hsu/agps-online which seems to be a simple
>  client but requires username/password to u-blox.com
> Are other distros using u-blox.com? Do they use some hardcoded
> username/password? What software do they use to feed agps data to
> /dev/ttySAC1?
> If I find such software and it helps me to get fix faster I can make a
> preliminary debian package and propose it for the pkg-fso team.

Matt's script is implement the agps online protocol released by u-blox.
User need to send a mail to u-blox to get their account. Simplified
process like:

* User acquired by send a empty mail to agps-account at u-blox.com get
their account

* user using the script or other application send account/password,
estimated lat/longitude information to u-blox by IP based link.

* get u-blox packet with assistance data

* script reset the GPS and feed the data into module by some binary command

* GPS module get the data, and knows what satellite currently over the
sky, eliminate the search/matching time of gps signal, and get quicker

Details on: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GTA02_GPS

Hope this helps.


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