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GreyCardinal kvalen at
Mon Dec 8 19:32:17 CET 2008

Sorry for my English. Now, I'm trying to repeat my problem in a more
appropriate manner.

My device is Neo FreeRunner GTA02v5 (DateCode: 20080618). I've got it in
August and have been playing with it for a few months. I've tested a lot of
distributions (from Om 2008 to FDOM, Qt Extended and Debian). Also, I've
flashed the boot loader (uboot) many times -- I was trying to get my 8 Gb
card working (this card was okay but slow when I was booting from the
internal flash).

So, after yet another loading the FDOM distribution to the internal flash my
FreeRunner seemed to be okay but became unreachable by SSH. After that, I
left my device and the battery discharged. The next booting showed me a
black screen. I thought the reason was in discharged battery and changed it
to the additional one. That didn't seem to help.

Okay, I've started making some experiments: I've flashed the special uboot
patched for a discharged battery -- FreeRunner blinked with its light. After
that, my device could be connected by USB but there was nothing on its
screen. No light, no image.

Then I've tried with Om 2008.9. After flashing it to FreeRunner I've got it
working by SSH. But the display was still empty (black and no light, I

What can I do to understand where's the problem? Maybe, the reason is in
some contacts? I've not unsealed the device. No accidents with FreeRunner
happened either.

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