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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| How about the NOR U-Boot, this has been quite reliable in bringing up
| backlight in my experience?  What happens with backlight if you hold
| down AUX during powerup to get into NOR U-Boot?

| When I'm booting to NOR U-Boot my FreeRunner is available with
| USB(dfu-util), but the screen is black — no backlight and not text (i
am use
| paltop with damage backlight - know ).

I blew up the backlight regulator on a GTA02 A5 here by hotplugging the
LCM connector... the flat cable has a 2 layer set of terminating pads on
it and it trashed the LED regulator on the PMU.  But if you didn't even
open the case I dunno what makes the problem, I never saw the regulator
have trouble without me causing it.  The LCD flex cable is held in place
by some sticky EMI tape so I doubt it moved.

NOR flash code should definitely start the LED regulator up without any

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