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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| For instance, the Openmoko GPS signal level is bummed because of a
| hardware fault, also there are merely quirks to solve them. The

... which was worked around in kernel once the aggressor signal was

| Openmoko battery discharging, suspend and resume have not been ironed
| out fully yet. You would see these in _ANY_ basic phone out there. And
| people have been giving commands to get the GPRS modem to work. You
| see what I'm talking about? Nothing is connected, really.

The problem with charger restarting is solved

and suspend and resume should be on a way more solid footing now on the
2.6.28-rc andy-tracking kernels.  Starting next week the root
filesystems will be adapted for these kernels and we start to provide
packages for them.

| Now, If you can't get to fix these today, how do u expect a person to
| program it well enough to rescue it back? You can't expect everyone to
| spend all their time getting their bare minimum phones to work, do
| you?

Well, three of the four things you mention are solved AFAIK.  It leaves
"people have been giving commands to get the GPRS modem to work"... it
doesn't quite sound like the terrible thing that supports the general
argument you're making.

- -Andy
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