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Fri Dec 12 10:28:08 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Yeah, If I were going to file it a ticket, it would be this: 'Make
| Openmoko work all the time, in all these scenarios'. I'm sure my ticket

Well, every day I have to figure out what to spend time on, if you
aren't talking about specific issues you are having zero impact on my
choices.  Unless you just like to maintain having something to complain
about, that isn't helping you.

| See, if everything you have made until now were fixed immediately, the

If you stop and think about the opportunity represented by being able to
talk direct to the guy who has some control over hardware, bootloader
and kernel choices in Openmoko, are you sure that the general handwaving
complaining you have fallen back on is the best chance to solve whatever
it is that is bothering you?

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