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On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 1:15 AM, john <jptmoore at> wrote:
> 2008/12/12 Karthik Kumar <karthikkumar at>:
>> I will say this: Open source is philanthrophy. Making money is
>> alright. Using Open source to make money is acceptable.
>> You see those EeePcs? It's Open source, people get what they pay for -
>> hardware and software.
> You see that door? Close it on the way out ;)
> Seriously though this is getting a bit tedious now. Why didn't you do
> some more research before spending your money? There are many people
> on IRC who would have given you honest advice. Do you believe all
> marketing that you read? I personally did not buy a GTA02 as I have a
> GTA01 and I am waiting for a suitable replacement. That might be
> GTA03, GTA04 or even GTA05 who knows. It does take time to get things
> right in the mobile world. You are just lucky/unlucky to have had so
> much information about the process. As others have said there are
> plenty of "shiny" alternatives out there. I can understand your
> frustration but I think you are overreacting somewhat. We all make
> mistakes (said the dalek getting off the dustbin). Let's all just kiss
> and make up!
Well. You learnt your lessons with the 01. I, with the 02. I don't
know, but I will want nobody to face this harshness when they will buy
the 03.

See, although nobody is perfect, people should try to correct your
mistakes. Else, they are just going on the wrong path.

Openmoko didn't learn from it's mistakes in 01. It isn't going to
learn by just selling 02, 03 and so on. If it fixes it's 01 and 02,
then people like you and me can be happier.

If the entire 01 was a design mistake, then they clearly didn't sell
you a phone at all. They sold you a phony. It's time you asked them
for a fix.

 The only way to make it learn is to make it stop, fix all the things
they have done till now. Else, there are going to be more people
cribbing like this one year later. Watch out for my prediction.

And, the only way to prevent it is if Openmoko did something about

My $0.02.

> John.
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