Sad Story

Marcus Stong stongo at
Fri Dec 12 21:01:35 CET 2008

A quick thought...if Openmoko feels the hardware of GTA02 is inadequate to
even bother making it a stable phone, should there not be some sort of
recall and free replacement with a GTA03.
$399 for a phone that never worked properly is pretty hard to swallow, and
even harder to swallow when the company expects people to buy a new phone
while somewhat ignoring that same community of users who have invested time
and money in developing and testing their original phones. Speaking from the
perspective of a web developer, if I make a piece of shit site that doesn't
work properly, my clients are going to demand that it works properly. If I
neglect to do that and move on to the next project, I would run out of
clients pretty fast...

- Marcus
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