Sad Story

Brian Capouch brianc at
Fri Dec 12 21:19:21 CET 2008

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:

> Actually I am thinking about trying to buy some gta01 back  
> from the community. They are quite legendary and we have too few  
> internally. 2 in Taipei, for example. We wish we could do more  
> testing & bug-fixing on gta01. It's the same platform anyway, and in  
> addition we can support our customers.

What about the idea of offering a "trade-up" where people holding the 
01s could tender them, and a few $$, for a fresher model?

I have a GTA01 and it is a bit frustrating to be on the periphery of the 
development effort.  But until I feel assured that the "GSM buzz" 
situation is rectified I've been hesitant to get an 02.

I don't follow this list completely closely, so I hope I'm not out of 
line in my opinion that the 01 isn't really on the radar anymore in 
terms of development.



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