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On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 3:05 PM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> If you don't know you shouldn't pretend to know.
> I applaud the brave investors we have, we have a long way to go to
> make this an interesting investment for them, compared to many other
> places they could put their money. Luckily there are many people that
> enjoy this project so much and contribute that I am optimistic we can
> show them the true power of our community, over time.

Let's also applaud the consumers of the product that still, despite
the many issues, are taking the time to contribute to the process.

> I believe this was John. Taken out of context, and you are exploiting
> slight weaknesses in his usage of English.

Taken out of context? How? That was the first sentence of the section.

If its a misunderstanding of GTA03 referring to something else, fine,
I conceed.  Honestly, how is anyone supposed to know that the gta03 is
a software stack that used for the GTA02 device?  Google GTA03 for any
references to anything but hardware.

> I regularly see John in the office until 2 or 3 AM, working for the
> project he loves. He said 'more' focus, because although he spends
> 100% of his time developing on gta02, he also wants to start learning
> more about gta03 now, join some product meetings, etc. That's it. He
> continues to work on gta02 full time.

He should feel assured that the community stays up with him working to
2-3 am in the morning after their regular jobs.  I do.

I am trying to address the focus of the project.  I am willing to
assert that EVERYONE is working hard.  We just need to work smarter,
with a unified vision.  We need transparent documentation of the
hardware (all the variants) so the community can contribute.

At the request of the developers to test out the testing version, I
did reflash my device MANY times, and hit walls.  When asking for
advice and help to resolve them, I received helpful tidbits such as,
your subject line is wrong.

> Steve and Sean did this during the weekend... BTW, 100% of the
> profits will go towards our bounties for Free Software developers.

This is all well and good.  Let's focus first on creating a solid
infrastructure so free software can be run on this device, reliably.
We already have many people devoted to this project with the only
expected reward is accomplishments.  Let's achieve.

Then lets worry about T-Shirts and $15 mouse pads, my two cents.

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