pointless ranting was: Re: Sad Story

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Dec 12 23:08:57 CET 2008

> If its a misunderstanding of GTA03 referring to something else, fine,
> I conceed.  Honestly, how is anyone supposed to know that the gta03 is
> a software stack that used for the GTA02 device?

by actually _READING_ mails for starters!
the misunderstanding with the term gta03 has been corrected several times  
if you refuse to check archives and to read mails and instead insist on  
perpetuating your misstatement, nobody can help you!

>> Steve and Sean did this during the weekend... BTW, 100% of the
>> profits will go towards our bounties for Free Software developers.
> This is all well and good.  Let's focus first on creating a solid
> infrastructure so free software can be run on this device, reliably.
> We already have many people devoted to this project with the only
> expected reward is accomplishments.  Let's achieve.
> Then lets worry about T-Shirts and $15 mouse pads, my two cents.

the cafepress store was openend after repeated request from teh community!
if you would actually read mails and inform yourself before posting  
unfounded allegations, it would be far better for the community you're  
claiming to strengthen.

your shouting at andy's because he refuses to accept your attitude (see  
above) is absolutely not helping.

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