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Fri Dec 12 23:43:02 CET 2008

As much as I hate to chime in on such a busy and unproductive thread...

When the GTA02 was sold, it was *for developers only*.  It was very clear on
the site.  The software is not done.  It is not stable.  (That said, there
are software versions that give you good, stable access to most or all of
the hardware for most people.  They're just hard to find, and are different
for different HW releases.)

If it turns out that the hardware can't work reasonably as a phone
regardless of software, then FR owners may have a legitimate grievance.  (I
only have a GTA01).  Until that time, you got what was advertised.  Even if
my hardware can't work reasonably as a phone, I got what was advertised :-)

And remember, you people who rushed out to buy a phone because it was open,
even with no stable software  - there are people who responded to
frustrations in the direction by fixing the things they didn't like.  See
SHR, Debian, FDOM, etc.

I grow frustrated with the directions OM takes and the priorities they have
sometimes, and I blow off steam in IRC.  I try to do it when/where no OM
devs are hanging out, because I think they're doing a hard job and don't
have control of the things that frustrate me.  Bitching to people about
things they're working on when they can't do anything about the stuff you're
griping about just lowers their morale, which is counterproductive.

I really do think the OM devs are doing a good job on a task that is very
difficult, and they get a lot of grief for it.  I just want to say thanks.
That's my whole reason for posting - to thank Andy, Harald, etc. etc. in the
OM group, Lorn, etc. of Trolltech, mwester, Julien, quickdev, MarcOChapeau,
etc. of the community.  I apologize for all the big contributors I didn't
name.  I appreciate your work just as much even if I may not remember your
name from IRC/ML :-)

Great work guys,
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